Wedding Photography for the Grooms

“I came. I saw. I conquered.”  Julius Caesar

“There’s only one thing I hate more than lying.  Skim milk.  Which is water.  That’s lying about being milk.”  Ron Swanson

“I will love you, and you and no other for ever.”  William Wallace, Braveheart


My clients are so savvy.  The more couples I meet with, the more I realize that men are also involved in planning weddings.  Hence the dilemma   Do I market to him or market to her?

I want to solve both their dilemnas.  You can have you soft, elegant photographs and also have your classic, masculine photographs.  I won’t be changing my entire branding scheme (I am forever tempted to change my logo), but I do want to include more photographs for the dudes.  It is your wedding, too.  Right?


Also, the brides-to-be adore the men who proposed to them!  Otherwise, you can be sure, that they would not have said yes.


My goal is to get to know you.  You and your fiance… to  showcase your personalities, and your lives, and your joy.  So that you can look back at these photographs and let these memories soak in with each passing year.


I hope this post is helpful and serves as an outlet for those guys who just don’t feel like peonies and channel marketing is appealing to them.   Also, you can be a man who enjoys linen.  Vice versa, you can be a woman who likes cars and cigars.  Haters gonna hate, but if it’s part of your personality, show it off.  Our interests and quirks make us that much more endearing.



And it definitely doesn’t mean that you have to be involved.  Your lady will be much better suited to pick out linens and flowers, in most cases…  However, my hope is that you both feel involved, as much as you’d like to be, and appreciated!


We hear you men.  You’re getting married, as well.  Get your “Braveheart” on.