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Heirloom Albums

Check out these lux albums!

I love these modern graphite boxes that contain the albums.  They’re available in silk or leather.  The silk is gorgeous, since it is handwoven.

I’ve made lots of these this summer.  Call me if you’re in the mood to order one!


Paper:  Pages come in a choice of thick or thin. Prints are adhered to a firm substrate on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper Super Type PD, creating pages approximately 1/16” thick.

How Long It Lasts:  Standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage.

Cover Material:  The leather is genuine Italian full. These moisture resistant leathers age beautifully with a rich patina.

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MR. AND MRS. Lawty Stephens | WEDDING | ATHENS, GEORGIA | The Foundry

This sweet couple was wed this past Saturday evening at The Foundry.

They’ve known one another their whole lives.  Began dating at the end of high school at prom and have been together ever since.

 There are several heirloom pieces that Maggie wore.  Maggie and Lawty wrote sentiments about one another before the vows were recited.   The dinner was a classic southern meal.  The departed with friends and family to sparklers and rode off in a 1920′s car!

I have enjoyed getting to know this authentic and sincere bride and groom!  You’ve made your photographs beautiful!

Blessings to you newlyweds!


Reception/Ceremony Site:  The Foundry (Athens, Georgia)

Cakes:  Cecelia Cakes

Florist:  Mandy O’Shea of Moonflower Design

Second Shooter:  Emily Traux

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Life Catalog I

My lovely roommate let me photograph her today!

I was inspired to do some photographs for the introverts. They’re the new extroverts.

I’m also trying to photograph more of my life and the people in it and the things that are happening. Maybe even a selfie or two. ‘Cause why keep all this cuteness to myself? More to come-I hope!

Don’t worry if I haven’t asked to shoot you yet. It’s mostly because you don’t live with me and have to put up with my dirty dishes and night owl antics. Grateful to have good friends today!

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