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Celebrating Five Years

 The end of the summer of 2013 marks our five year anniversary!!!

When I was a college art major at the University of Georgia, I thought I had nothing of real value to SAY to the world.  As time went on, I graduated, and gradually began photographing the world around me.  You folks, rather organically, led me to what I do today.
I wanted to show the good times.  The days to celebrate.  It made sense to me to share beauty, to share the subtlety, to share the joy that life brings each of us.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you.  You guys are near and dear to my heart and my business!  There are the ups.  And the downs.  But getting to know you folks.  Being a part of your most awesome best day ever, has made being an image maker that is of service made it all much more than worth it.
You rock.
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August Rhea + Luke Griffith | Johns Creek | Perimeter Church | Georgia Wedding | Alyssa Alig Photography

Luke and August got married on June 29 at Perimeter Church in Johns Creek, Ga. They had a beautiful wedding and reception complete with sea foam bridesmaids dresses and coral floral arrangements.

Perimeter Church is a beautiful place to get married and the chapel is stunning. August and Luke and their bridal party were smiling the whole day and just had a great time celebrating.

Luke and August, your love is so evident and I enjoyed being able to capture this special day for you! I wish you all the best in the future!

Ceremony: Perimeter Church
Reception: Berkeley Hills Country Club
Cake: Sweet Chloe’s 
Florist: Tricia Stadley
DJ: Atlanta’s Choice DJ
Decor Planner: H2 Occasions


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Your Wedding Photographs: Where to Print

As a professional photographer, this is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive.  For the best quality and price, I’ve learned to ask waiters what dish they like and locals where they like to have a glass of wine. It will usually get you to the best places, in the least amount of time.

I have a few tips and labs that I like listed in this post.  And these places are where I print my own photographs…

A.  Prints:  MPIX.  I order all my prints and proofs here. They’re on-line, but they’re good AND they’re fast. They are reasonably priced. You can go elsewhere, but printers and screens are calibrated differently. The difference in calibrated often leads to bad contrast and unrealistic colring.

These folks are consistent and quality. Your skin won’t be green and your lighting won’t be over/underexposed.

B.  Instagram:  Prinstagram.  Clever, right? Cards, prints, calendars, magnets, tiny books… (I mean tiny! I love anything that is a miniature version of itself).  It’s a clever way to integrate your memories into your home.

C.  Albums:  Call a professional. The best way to keep your images is in an album. This allows for “dark storage” (no UV rays bombarding the images daily for long periods) in a nice package you will be proud to have on display.  

I have chosen not to list photobooks!  They are not printed on archival paper, therefore, they fade/melt/smudge throughout the years.  These can be gifts, but not a substitute for your wedding album!  

And there iss absolutely nothing wrong with taking your proofs and dropping them into a patchwork album.  But if you want durable, gorgeous, printed images for your home or children or guests to view, call a well-known and talented photographer. We have access to both fancy companies and fancy products that the public does not.

Think Christmas. Or an anniversary gift. It is an investment, but these are images you will want keep near and dear to you and your loved ones. 

Contact me for any inquiries or questions!!

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