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Eli Arnold + Kensie Sears| Engagement Session | Atlanta | Georgia Squarium

Check out this VIP access to the Georgia Aquarium for Kensie and Eli’s engagement session last weekend.

When Eli proposed, he took her on a sunset cruise.  This led us in search of some romantic spots with the sea in the city.  She is a photography student at the University of Georgia and he is a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army.

It was their tradition to go to the aquarium each year.

From Kensie:  ”My Engagement of a lifetime at the GA Aquarium. Truly a dream come true. … my favorite part was getting to look down on the huge tank with all the whale sharks and rays and see Eli getting so excited like he was a kid in a candy store!  I think It will prob. be one of the last times we will ever get to go b/c we will be moving to Texas so it was such a perfect way to end our last experience there together after going so many times before and never getting to experience it like we did on that day…

…I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to make this happen. Thank you for making this happen for us and creating these stunning images I will never forget!”

It is one of the most unique sessions I have had the privilege to be a part of. I’m so very excited to photograph their vows this August.

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Amanda McCallum + Blair Cash | Atlanta | Emory University | Alyssa Alig Photography

Amanda and Blair wed August 23, and the wedding was stunning.  They met while attending Law School and the University of Georgia.

Blair is a dear friend of mine from college.  Once I met Amanda, I knew that they would be a great couple!  So, this was a special one for me, for sure!

Amanda wore her mothers veil and a necklace her parents gave her on her 19th birthday, while her pearl earrings were Blair’s gift to her on their wedding day. The ceremony was held at Emory Presbyterian Church, and the reception was held at the Historic Academy of Medicine.

Everything was perfect and I am so glad they allowed me to be a part of their special day!

Bride’s dress: Judd Waddell 
Bride’s shoes: Badgley Mishka 
Caterer: Bold American
Florist/wedding coordinator: Deborah Bolger, Buds N Belles
Beverage company: Complete Beverage Systems 
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Style Guide: How to Style Your Portrait Session

The holidays are just around the corner!  You know what that means-Christmas cards arriving in every shape and color!

I love, love receiving mail.  It’s a quick and fun way to, both, keep in touch and share the holiday joy with your friends and family.

Now-let’s talk styling.


Q & A


Q:  What should I wear?

A:  You want your clothing and accessories to reflect you and your family’s (roommate’s or children’s) personal style.  You also want to feel comfortable.  My best advice?  Where an outfit that makes you feel amazing.  It fits well, accentuates your best features, and works well with your own movements.  Fitted clothing photographs better than baggy clothing.  Also, think layers…  scarves, jackets, socks-each add depth.

Q:  What colors should I wear or not wear?

A:  Anything.  There are a few things to keep in mind.  Tailor your choices to your skin tones, eye color, and hair color.  Personalize it.  I’ve also heard that you should or should not wear certain colors-nonsense!  My camera and I can work with just about any color.  TIP:  Coordinate and then add a pop of color (something vibrant, but understated).

Q:  Which dress/blouse is best?

A:  Folks often text me photographs of themselves in their favorite outfits.  The few rules I have are… Don’t wear any logos or sayings on your clothing.  A small logo is fine.  Anything larger draws the attention away from you and your loved ones.  No large patterns.  Again, same rule, smaller patterns are great.  Any large pattern will be too busy to photograph and tends to date the photograph.  Think timeless!


Q:  Should we wear formal or casual outfits?

A:  Bring both casual and formal!  I, personally, adore heels.  They elongate your legs and give you height.  The fancier, the better-in my opinion.  It’s best to have options (TIP:  Bring flats for trekking through fields).  Bring a few outfits to the session.  Sometimes your favorite sweater loses a button on the way or it turns out that a deep blue blouse “pops” much more than the blush rose you brought.

Q:  What about accessories?

A:  Accessories are your friends!  The rule is to take off ONE accessory once your dressed and ready to leave your home for your shoot.  I say-bring it with you.  We can change it out on site, depending on what may photograph best.

Q:  What should my roommate/spouse/children wear?

A:  Try to match one another in formality or casualness.  You also want to match similar color schemes.  A good rule of thumb is to choose only three colors.  The number three is a design rule for just about anything your designing or creating.  Two colors does not provide enough contrast (generally).  It is also good to have different textures, if you have them.  I.e.  shiny, smooth, rough, cozy, etc.

Lastly, if you want to hire a professional stylist, I have a few friends in mind!  I only offer this service for full sessions and weddings.  Some are free.  Some are pricey!  They are all great, depending on your needs.



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