PAUL Regopoulos AND ANGELA GUHL | Engagement | Malibu and Pasadena California

I’ve never been West of the Mississippi until this trip to Cali…

I made my way through Hartsfield, boarded the plane, and curled up next to the window.  I could never understand why people aren’t amazed at all the beautiful scenes they’re flying over.  Keep your on-flight movies, I’ll watch the world pass under my feet!

A fews months prior, Angela had called me and asked if I would be willing to come to LA for their engagement shoot.  Of course I said yes.  After lots of emails and two flights, we met at the L.A. airport.  And, yes, the traffic is as bad as it’s reputation says it is!

We spent the weekend eating amazing food and taking me on tours of Pasadena so I could survey the landscape and lighting.  This is one of the prettiest shoots I’ve done thus far!  I loved getting to know Angela and Paul during my time in Pasadena.

It was wonderful to spend some time with such a fun and hospitable couple.  I love getting to know people and wish my job afforded me weekends for all my clients.  I’ve decided to now have at least two meals with couples and their families in preparation for their wedding day.  It’s good to prepare my heart for that day, too.

We went to Old Town Pasadena (The Playhouse, an ice cream shop, and some side streets).  Pretty much anywhere they’re had a great date!  Then to the beaches of Malibu, specifically El Matador. This is a pretty famous beach.  Once I got there I knew why!  California light is so clear and this sunset is pretty magical.

But here are the beautiful photographs below!  Please check them out and leave them some love.  So very excited for your wedding.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 12.45.05 AM

Kelly Jackson + Caroline Wicker | Tucker Plantation Smithonia Farm | Colbert | Alyssa Alig Photography

Sam and Rebecca were wed last summer at Tucker Plantation!  I stumbled upon this story while rummaging through my hardrives.    I knew Rebecca through some friends in similar circles, so it was really fun to show up and know the bride!

I normally do not comment on veils, but Rebecca’s was stunning.  Their colors were shades of blue and there were some hot pics of the grandparents while they were dating, back in the day.  The little ones in the ceremony were dressed to the nines.  And Sam’s bow tie is definitely of note.  I really like a good bow tie!

They’re just a lovely couple and I had such fun with Kaitie and the now Mr. and Mrs. Marion.


I second shot for Kaitie Bryant in Athens.  I love, love second shooting because it allows me to explore candids, details, and artistic shots without all the pressure for getting the shot.

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Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 12.45.05 AM