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Philosophy of Beauty

Whatever you have, and whoever you are, make it beautiful:  A long neck, freckles, smile lines.  Strengthen your “imperfections” and celebrate them.  Make them your trademark.  Just don’t be boring!  Because you’re not.

Celebrate every detail. Don’t let the world dictate what’s special about you.  Trends and fads come and go.

My inspiration for the post was Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel.   She was editor-in-chief of Vogue.  The documentary narrates the story of her rise to fashion “empress.”

“It’s not about the dress that you wear, it is about the life you live in the dress.”

All are beautiful.  And all are uniquely themselves.

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Lovely Letter

I was in tears by the end of this letter that I received last week.  While I am not a writer, I am a story teller.  I think that this letter expresses the sentiment I long to convey as a photographer.  I am so grateful for such kind and generous clients to serve.  Love you two!


I must apologize a rare day at home off from work (my first since the wedding!), I decided to go through my email and do a much needed clean up…..and in the process came across your email that I NEVER replied to!  Oh my gosh, I am so embarrassed!  In my mind, I replied to you long, long ago……but alas, the sentiment is still the same, so I will reply now…
Thank you so so much for being our wedding photographer!  Words really can not express how much it meant to us having you there to capture our special day.  From the time you arrived until the time you left, it just felt like you were one of our old friends there to celebrate with us!  You fit in so well with our “crew” and seemed to keep everybody calm on a very busy day with a very, very large and rowdy family.
You helped me keep my sanity and somehow managed to capture every little detail of what made our day unique and special to us.  The day went by soooo quickly, I am so glad I had the foresight to select such an amazing photographer because through you, I have been able to relive every magical detail.  Quite honestly, a lot of the “moments” you captured, I was either not there or had so much going on, I don’t really remember, so it has been so much fun for me to look through the pictures and laugh and cry at all the special memories.
I know these will be a treasured part of Neal and I’s story for years to come.  YOU were able to capture the magic of the start of our family and I can never ever thank you enough for that.  Every picture, every moment is perfect and I sincerely could not have asked for anything more from you.  After seeing all the pictures, my dad said “Wow, she is really an artist”.  And you really are.  The pictures are beautiful, funny, breathtaking, and capture Neal and I perfectly.  I do have to say, while all the pictures are amazing…..the one of me and Neal in the Founder’s Garden… is just incredible.  Totally made trekking through the hot sun on campus to get that shot worth it!  The pictures of my dad and I during our dance are probably the most meaningful to me-since he did’t walk me down the aisle, it was really important for me to capture our dance, you captured it flawlessly!  Honestly, the pictures turned out more amazing then I could have ever imagined.  I also really appreciated how natural you were with everybody, I don’t even remember you being at the reception except for a few brief moments when we talked and when I said goodbye to you at the end of the night-I got to really “live” in every moment, yet you somehow managed to capture the entire reception on film…..if that isn’t a God given talent, then I don’t know what is!!
I have already passed along your name to several potential brides and will continue to do so for years to come!  If there is anything I can do for you in the future (any reviews I can leave on blogs, websites, etc), do not hesitate to ask me!  I will gladly oblige, as it is the least I can do to show how forever appreciative I am of you.  While marrying my (crazy!) wonderful husband was the best choice I made in all of the wedding planning, choosing you as our photographer was without a doubt the next best decision I made.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you thank you!
Allie Dye Andreson
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Sara and Richie met six years ago at work.  Richie proposed last year atop a mountain in a snowstorm outside of Breckenridge, Colorado.

They were wed in a small garden in the town of Colbert.  The reception followed at 4th and 4th (the old mercantile). The florals were composed of white tulips and hydrangeas, cotton pods, peach and grey roses, magnolia leaves, leucadendron, pieris, seeded eucalyptus, dusty blue globe thistle, and burgundy scabiosa.

The eve of my 30th birthday was spent with these clients-and I’m so happy I decided to do so.  They throw a great party and are simply fun to be with.  It was double the celebration.

I was also introduced to this gorgeous, eclectic and vintage venue-owned by Ellyn Trinrud and her husband.  They have been avid designers and collectors for years and their space is stunning.  There’s talk of a balcony and a terrace next year.  Ellyn had an uncanny resemblance to Diane Keaton in her adorable menswear attire and her quirky personality.  Their home and venue is a work of art.

All were in tears when Sara came down the aisle, escorted by her father.

I love the turn of the century, daguerreotype portraits of Richie.  There are some fun dancing shots below and a black and white of the sweet couple, taken during their last dance.

Take in the beauty below and leave them some love!

Blessings to you both!

Special thanks to Kiersten Hammock for second shooting.


Caterer:  Classic City Catering

Ceremony/Reception Venue: 4th and 4th ( The Mercantile) in Colbert, Georgia

Coordinator:  Debbie Lovelady

Florist:  Gardenia Floral Design

Cake:  Cecelia’s


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