Josh and Jill Engagement

Josh and Jill met in college and were soon engaged!

We went to Whitehall Lofts (a trendy spot on the Eastside of Athens).  She is in law school and he is an amazing mechanic!  One of his baby blue projects are going to premier at their wedding this summer.  She likes him almost as much as their two cats, Dick and Dale.

From Jill’s blog, “ there he was, just sitting on the couch chatting. I thought he was really cute and funny and definitely wanted to see him the next week at church! Within a few days I knew I wanted to be friends with him, and within a week I knew I wanted to date him”

“It was a total surprise! Apparently Josh is good at throwing me off the trail! It was my birthday weekend and Josh took me to the Georgia Aquarium, and I had found a great deal on dinner at the Ritz-Carlton. So we started my birthday weekend in Atlanta! We had a great time at the aquarium, and I was making jokes about how cool it would be to get married in front of the beluga tank. Little did I know that he was trying to find a quiet spot to pop the question!”

They got dinner at the Ritz Carlton, post squarium visit.  And this is how it happened!  ”He asked me about a statement I had made earlier (“Engagement, marriage – it’s all up to you, Josh”). He said “So you’re ready, then? You’re ready to get married?” And when I told him I was, that I had known I wanted to marry him for a long time, he got down on one knee, pulled out a ringbox and asked “Well, will you then?” When I could breathe again, I said yes!  ”  SO sweet.

A few months later, they called me and I got to photograph them both to commemorate their time courting one another!

You can most definitely tell that these two are the best of friends.  And will have a fun marriage to top it off!!  Congrats to you both!