Celebrating Five Years

 The end of the summer of 2013 marks our five year anniversary!!!

When I was a college art major at the University of Georgia, I thought I had nothing of real value to SAY to the world.  As time went on, I graduated, and gradually began photographing the world around me.  You folks, rather organically, led me to what I do today.
I wanted to show the good times.  The days to celebrate.  It made sense to me to share beauty, to share the subtlety, to share the joy that life brings each of us.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you.  You guys are near and dear to my heart and my business!  There are the ups.  And the downs.  But getting to know you folks.  Being a part of your most awesome best day ever, has made being an image maker that is of service made it all much more than worth it.
You rock.