Bill, Stacy, and Tripp Halstead

Tripp was critically injured when a large tree branch fell on him.

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon to Tripp’s site.  His family writes about his recovery process:

“Tripp is a fighter and he pulled through and we have never looked back. He is in rehab now and even though he is making tiny babysteps, he is moving forward.  I cherish every moment with him… I want him to know how much he is loved.  He is a very special boy and thank you all for loving him too.”

What a brave kid.  What a wonderful story.  This little guy is a fighter and nothing shy of a miracle!

I wrote to the Halstead’s… and they wrote back.  Saying that, they have told quite a few photographers no, but would enjoy a session and I could come visit in the next few days.  I was so excited!!  With my coffee in hand, and then making sure I had found the right house, I was greeted by Bill and Tripp’s Grandma at the front door.

It went so well!  They’re quite photogenic.  One of my favorite things about the session was how we caught some very ever-so-subtle smiles when we mentioned race car driving or naming him as our sea captain!

It was a privilege to meet such a wonderful and strong family.  You have to be tenacious to love and to love well-and this family is a wonderful example of how that should look.