50+ Anniversary Session

This morning I drove to Madison with my camera in hand and set out to meet a couple who had been married since their twenties.  I was intrigued to meet anyone who could make it more than half a century along side one another!

It was a wonderful and encouraging afternoon.  I sat with my pen and paper and asked them all about their lives, how they met, when they were married, their children, and what brought them to where they are.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and a bit of their story!

Hunter met Sue during the Korean war.  He had traveled with his father to Emory, when he went out for dinner and saw Sue from afar ironing uniforms.  He was in the army and she was at the hospital.  He had dated quite a few women.  ”The field,” as he put it.

Nearly a year after he saw her, Sue’s roommate set them up on a date.

Pictured here are some photographs from their wedding in the 1940′s.  Oh, how photography has changed!!

(We visited their garden while they were telling me some of their story!  I carried home some of the pretty tomatoes pictured below!)

I asked how he had decided to marry Sue.  He said that he “just had to have her.”  That she was striking.  And that ”I’d do anything to have her.  She swept me off my feet.”

After that first date, they courted for about nine months and then were wed in September in South Carolina.  Her dress was a slate blue, crushed velvet suit and he was in uniform.

My favorite photograph was the THEN and NOW.  I asked Sue to hold their original photograph of their wedding instead of a bouquet.

I often ask couples to be affectionate and show off how much they care for one another.  Hunter didn’t hesitate and leaned right in for a kiss from Sue.  The adoration hadn’t changed one bit.
They now live in Madison and are soon to celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary!  I hope you both continue in good times and good health!